Petit Seal

Petit SealCASE STUDY Petit Seal’s 711% revenue surge in two months Case study: Scaling a toy brand from 0 to 6-figures Problem Petit Seal, a young brand in the children’s product industry, had an ambitious vision of launching their new product line across multiple countries. However, being the new kid on the block, they faced […]


Robb & LuluCASE STUDY Converting traffic to sales – scaling Australian clothing brand to 6-figures From 0 to 6 figure in 1 year through paid acquisitions Rob and Lulu is an Australian-based organic clothing brand that had been in business for several years. They had a strong SEO and social media presence, that never managed […]

Gabys Bags

GABY’S BAGS Email MarketingCASE STUDY From 7% to 31% email revenue in 3 months. Gaby’s Bags is a fast-growing business selling original designer bags based in Florida, USA.  Back in July 2022 we engaged to work on their Email Marketing channel. Our main goal would have been to make the business less reliant on paid […]

Gaby’s bag Social Case Study

Gaby’s Bags GOOGLE & META ADSCASE STUDYFrom $23K to $93K in MRR with Meta and Google Ads The Growth Framework Gaby’s Bags is a fast-growing high-ticket business selling original designer bags. Back in the Summer of 2022, we started working together on the cross-channel marketing of their Shopify store, which back at the time included […]


TIRTYLCASE STUDY Two young entrepreneurs making the world a better place In January 2021 we got in touch with May, who, with his friend Lachland, bootstrapped the Australian startup Tirtyl. Their mission is simple and clear: to make conscious plastic consumption mainstream. Lachlan and May’s different, yet complementary, passions sparked the inception of Tirtyl. […]