10x Your Video Ads Production Effortlessly

You have a great product, but you know the story could be told much better, while at the same time dropping your CPA.
You came to the right guys. 

We Script And Direct Your Videos.
We Provide Actors And Shooting Locations.
We Handle Post-Production To Enhance The Storytelling.
We Run And Optimize Your Video Ads.
Work with a media company that has helped grow more than 100+ Digital Businesses through Content Marketing – including their own

How the magic happens

The step-by-step process we follow to turn generic, boring, ads into high-converting videos
Generic Ads with poor emotional charge, not talking to the ICP and without storytelling
Let our team and spokespersons take care of the scripting, setting and shooting
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10 to 30 new ads created from each shot, to guarantee great variations and endless opportunities for testing.

We Make Creating Great Videos Easy

Video content is key to getting the attention of the right people.

See why 100+ Brands Love Working With Us 

Provide us with a brief on your product and target audience, and we’ll handle everything else, keeping you updated on our progress throughout.

We source the right creators for your project. 

We select the optimal shooting locations.

We manage all aspects of production and post-production.

We transform a single video into 10-30+ distinct ad creatives

Do you run ads continuously and need a constant influx of new, high-quality video creatives?

Our data analysts periodically audit your ad accounts to identify the top-performing ads, allowing us to iterate on them

We do more than just shoot videos; we carefully craft storytelling that specifically targets your Ideal Customer Profile’s (ICP) needs and desires, providing a comprehensive overview of your product/service’s benefits and features.

This approach is derived from a clear breakdown of:

  • Your Ideal Client Avatar’s Profile
  • Your Main Offer
  • Your Unique Value Proposition
Get direct access to our team with Priority Slack Support. Your questions and concerns are always at the top of our list, ensuring swift and effective communication.

We are committed to building long-term partnerships and becoming an extension of your team.

We pride ourselves on telling great stories for great brands and would be delighted to have you join us on this journey

Listen to ScalingDavids Clients!

Experience plays a key role when it comes to getting messaging and storytelling right, and we know that.
Over the years, we work with more than 500 companies including international brands such as AbinBev, Amuerte Gin, Janji and Dan John. We would be glad to have you as our next partner.

Based on 273 reviews

28 Jan 2023

Our Clients are very happy with service today and so are we – A Great Partnership

17 April 2024

I’ve had the opportunity to work with scaling Davids, the last few months and the theme is amazing. They are responsive, they take all your feedback, they are proactive, and most importantly, they’re very kind, they really care about your business and they want you to succeed, and they’re very price effective. So I highly recommend scaling.
19 May 2024

Your team is really proactive on this. When we need some change, I think you’re really fast.


22 Dec 2023

You know we’re in the six figure at the month sort of territory so it’s definitely been great process. I’ve really enjoyed working with you guys and results been really good. So overall uh yeah. Five stars.


3 Sep 2023

I won’t play we were spending 10,000 a day because we were just getting the results so you can imagine kind of how fast we grew and how happy it gets are just to see that level of growth it just came so fast.

ScalingDavids compares to nothing else.....

Scaling Davids
Video Agencies
Ads Agencies
  • Pricing Designed to Grow with You
    Always designed to impact your overall marketing budget wisely.
  • Dedicated Creative Strategist
    Get a dedicated person with 5+ years of experience to analyze your performance, brainstorm the best creative concepts, and lead the creative team.
  • Videos Designed Specifically for Direct-Response
    Forget generic messaging and fluffy storytelling. We design every video concept with the goal of capturing your ICP’s attention in a meaningful way, conveying your unique value proposition with every sentence.
  • Flexible Subscription Plans and One-Off Packages
    Work with us whether you want to try out a production or need to deliver 200+ new video ads per month.
  • Under 20 Days of Delivery for Complex Videos
    Our process is streamlined and simple to follow. Just give us the briefing, approve the few steps needed, and see your final videos delivered seamlessly.
  • Full Stack Growth and Media Buying Team
    At the core, Scaling Davids is a team of Growth Marketers. As Meta Marketing Partners, we manage over $1M/Mo in ad spend for our brands (clients and proprietary). If you want us to take care of your testing and creative implementation, let’s chat!
  • Dynamic and High-Quality Post-Production

    No boring video was ever watched for more than 5 seconds. Our post-production activities are designed to keep your target audience hooked from the beginning.

This is how it works

Just brief us about your product, offer, and Ideal Client Profile, sit back and relax while we deliver your videos








Approve actors, locations, concepts and scripts.



Shooting Time!



Post production and refinement.


Your video ads are ready to be reviewed & tested!

Rinse & Repeat

Help And Questions

ScalingDavids compares to nothing else.....

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