Petit Seal

Petit SealCASE STUDY Petit Seal’s 711% revenue surge in two months Case study: Scaling a toy brand from 0 to 6-figures Problem Petit Seal, a young brand in the children’s product industry, had an ambitious vision of launching their new product line across multiple countries. However, being the new kid on the block, they faced […]

Stardust Crew

Stardust Crew CASE STUDY A cosmic shift: Stardust Crew’s 609% conversion rate improvement Case study: Converting traffic into sales The challenge Despite their strong organic brand presence, Australian Fashion Brand Stardust Crew (a sister brand of Rob&Lulu) found themselves navigating the vast cosmos of paid acquisitions without reaching their desired destination. Their efforts, while well-intentioned, […]

International Expansion and 70% CAC Reduction for 8-figures Brand

8-figures BrandCASE STUDY International expansion and 70% CAC reduction for 8-figures brand. In this case study we are going to analyze the marketing strategy that allowed to reduce the CAC by nearly 70% while expanding into a new market.  Perfectdraft is a company producing beer spiller, a product designed to dispense draft beer at […]

UK Based Protein Water Brand

Analyzing metrics such as RoAS and LTV is key for scaling success. Learn from a UK protein water brand case study.

Swiss Based Womens Fitness Brand

Discover the challenges faced by a Swiss-based women’s fitness brand in seasonal marketing campaigns for high-performance supplements and workout apparel.