Petit Seal

Petit SealCASE STUDY Petit Seal’s 711% revenue surge in two months Case study: Scaling a toy brand from 0 to 6-figures Problem Petit Seal, a young brand in the children’s product industry, had an ambitious vision of launching their new product line across multiple countries. However, being the new kid on the block, they faced […]

Stardust Crew

Stardust Crew CASE STUDY A cosmic shift: Stardust Crew’s 609% conversion rate improvement Case study: Converting traffic into sales The challenge Despite their strong organic brand presence, Australian Fashion Brand Stardust Crew (a sister brand of Rob&Lulu) found themselves navigating the vast cosmos of paid acquisitions without reaching their desired destination. Their efforts, while well-intentioned, […]


Robb & LuluCASE STUDY Converting traffic to sales – scaling Australian clothing brand to 6-figures From 0 to 6 figure in 1 year through paid acquisitions Rob and Lulu is an Australian-based organic clothing brand that had been in business for several years. They had a strong SEO and social media presence, that never managed […]

Cheshire Cheese Company

UK Based Artisan Cheese BrandCASE STUDY Cheshire Cheese company: A performance marketing makeover Back in April, we were approached by Simon Spurrel, founder of Cheshire Cheese Company. They not only serve up an array of delightful cheese products but also curate a range of artisanal cheese gifts and hampers for all occasions​. However, despite a […]

International Expansion and 70% CAC Reduction for 8-figures Brand

8-figures BrandCASE STUDY International expansion and 70% CAC reduction for 8-figures brand. In this case study we are going to analyze the marketing strategy that allowed to reduce the CAC by nearly 70% while expanding into a new market.  Perfectdraft is a company producing beer spiller, a product designed to dispense draft beer at […]