Rene's Creations Case Study

Woman’s Fashion Brand Grows 62%
(Without Spending More in Ads)

The Goal

Renè, the Founder of Rene’s Creations, came to Scaling Davids as a bootstrapped entrepreneur who wanted to make more effective use of her advertising budget and grow her store.

The Initial Situation

Since Day 1, Meta advertising has been the cornerstone of Rene’s Creations’ growth marketing.

They managed to reach a decent level ($30K/Revenue with an average 20% profit margin) just by managing the ads internally.

Then, they hit a plateau and were not able to scale further.

After generating around $120K in Q4, they came to us for help. We set out to give them the change they needed.

Together with our strategy team, we performed an initial audit and laid out the actionable steps for the following 6 months.

The Strategy

We worked with Renè’s team to develop a short-term setup plan which would have fixed quickly the main bottlenecks in her customer journey, as well as a long-term growth strategy.The main fix we implemented were related to:

The creative development of their Meta ads, which were not leveraging all the potential angles that could have been used to hit their audiences properly.
Implementing a full-funnel campaign structure with Facebook and Instagram ads, which allowed us to optimize the budget and avoid waste.
Agreeing on a strategy for regular new drops, to increase LTV.
Setting up new email marketing flows to increase CV rate, and enhance the brand authority through catchy and appealing email designs.

This solid foundation allowed us to generate during Q1 more revenue than they did in Q4, and we started scaling aggressively in Q2.


Over the first 5 months of collaboration, we managed to scale revenue up by 64%, by keeping the ad budget stable and without spending more on marketing tools.

Also, the average conversion rate of the store increased by an average of 65%, bringing the acquisition and retention channels to a very profitable level (29% average). We saw the results we wanted to see!

The Growth with SD:

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