Unobravo Case Study

How to Scale Acquisition Volumes by 4X for a Therapist Startup

Unobravo is an online psychology service that finds the therapist best suited to each user’s needs. They have over 2,000 professionals that aim to provide excellent online psychological therapy.

In July 2022, after about 2 years of existence, they completed an A-series fundraising for 17 million Euros.

With the Scaling Davids team, we had the pleasure of collaborating with the Unobravo team to manage their paid traffic during their startup phase up until July 2021.

Over this period of time, we helped them scale subscriber volumes by 4x and reduce the CPL by over 50%.

The Goal

Danila, CEO and Founder of, came to us in January 2020 looking for help with the management of paid traffic campaigns for her startup.

She had just completed a pre-seed round of 150,000 EUR, funded by investors who immediately believed in the potential of her project and her charisma.

Our goal would have been to scale the lead volumes generated by paid advertising by at least 3x in 6 months, while also maintaining a constant cost per lead of less than 10 EUR / total lead.

The Challenge of the first months

The initial situation was stable, but a tad confusing.

The ad account showed signs of superficial management, as there were some elements that could be improved.

  • The excessive segmentation of remarketing audiences was causing high costs and low scalability.
  • Too few creative variations.
  • Too many campaigns and ad groups overlap with each other.

Therefore, we intervened to restructure the campaign structures, focusing particularly on:

  • Testing ad creatives focused on positive emotions generated by psychotherapy. Danila was particularly keen to transmit positivity in such a way as to naturalize the therapy process, which is still seen with too much stigma in Italy.
  • Restructuring the ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram in order to maximize the budget effectiveness and the outcome in terms of cost per lead.
  • Implementing a specific high-frequency retargeting campaign for all these users who were already in the newsletter but were not activated yet in this campaign; we would’ve shown a high amount of content in order to address all the benefits and talk about the common objections that these users might have.

We started immediately seeing some posititve results, managing to contain the cost per lead by implementing the first tweaks. 

As we started to scale up the ad spend, we noticed that the cost per lead was consistently going higher and higher. 

This was not too bad as we were still within our target (CPL around 8,5 EUR) but as the trend was negative, we understood that if we wanted to increase the volumes even further, we would have needed a solution to reduce the CPL moving forward. Otherwise, we would have hit the 10 EUR quota very soon.

The Scaling Up and Success

In the next few months, we worked very closely with the Creative team as well as with the Unobravo Deck team in order to identify every bottleneck in the final and in the communications in order to maximize the outcome of our campaigns as we were scaling.

As a result, we managed to scale from roughly 1000 EUR / week to more than 7000 EUR/week while reducing the overall CPL from 10,3 EUR to 4,5 EUR.


Before SD:

After SD:


This activity generated massive results for the start-up, which actually started having issues from that fulfilling side; ETA didn’t have enough psychologists to fulfill the requests that they were getting. This was definitely a good problem to have (which by the way, they managed to solve beautifully in a very short period of time). 



Intial Ad Spend per month


Final Ad Spend per month


Initial CPL


Final CPL

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