Your ads are oftentimes your business’ first handshake with potential customers.

Hence, the experience must be unforgettable.

The truth is, it’s very easy to make mediocre, naive, and very “forgettable” ads.



In a digital world where the average attention span is shrinking as low as 1 second, it becomes vital to be relevant to your target audience.


Your ad copies must resonate with your audience, spark curiosity, and clearly communicate your offering, all while aligning with your prospects’ needs and motivations.


Easier said than done. But where is the 20% of the effort that drives the 80% of the impact when building an effective ad creative?

Every element on the product page should be functional to the conversion, and be persuasive.


Quoting a recent post from Jeremy Barr, you NEED to connect with your ideal client’s avatar “ buzzing thought”, and you have to do it in their own language.

Get it too generic, and you might seem dull. Make it too complex, and you risk alienating your prospects. Striking the right balance is essential but not effortless.

Over time, we’ve worked with a myriad of businesses and witnessed first-hand the impact of well-crafted ad copies on conversion rates.

Here, we’ll show a few examples of brands who are doing this pretty damn well.


TrueClassic’s clever “Dress less dad and more daddy” campaign nails attention and relevance. It targets mature men yearning for a balance between modern, stylish yet age-appropriate clothing. The cheeky phrase stimulates curiosity, suggesting a transformation from “unfashionable dad” to a confident, appealing “daddy”.

Using customer testimonials and limited-time promotions, they persuasively demonstrate the potential style upgrade. Transformational appeal and community-focused techniques cultivate trust and a sense of belonging. It’s a powerful example of empathetic, targeted advertising that strikes a chord with ideal clients, and delivers results.



MeUndies‘ ad copy, ingeniously targets comfort-seeking women, stirring curiosity with its phrase, “stupid-soft.” The humor in “your boobs’ new best friend” captures their quest for the perfect bralette, capitalizing on comfort—a ‘buzzing thought’ for many.

The bold statement, “You might as well wear them as shirts,” introduces an audacious transformation in bralette perception, shifting from mere undergarment to potential fashion statement. Through light-hearted humor and clever phrasing, MeUndies’ ad aligns with its audience’s preferences, demonstrating a highly engaging, customer-centric approach that leaves a lasting impression.


Bonobos‘ ad copy caters to ambitious men, keen on personal growth and individual style.

The ‘buzzing thought’ here is continuous self-improvement, reflected in phrases like “always working, always improving.” It also strikes a balance between individuality and guidance, through “doing your own thing” and “we’ll be there to help.” This assures prospects that their unique style will be respected, yet nurtured.

The statement encourages prospects to continue their growth, promising support from Bonobos in creating their style, building curiosity about their offerings. This customer-centric copy speaks directly to its audience’s needs and motivations, making it effective and engaging.



Allbirds‘ concise yet powerful ad copy, directly addresses pragmatic customers seeking versatile, easy-to-care-for footwear.

The ‘buzzing thought’ here is multifunctionality and convenience, captured in “one shoe for all you do” and “machine washable.” These phrases offer a solution to the common problem of needing different shoes for different occasions and the hassle of cleaning.

Furthermore, the promise of “free shipping, free returns, no questions asked” alleviates concerns around online purchases, indicating customer-friendly policies. This straightforward copy effectively aligns with customer needs, positioning Allbirds as a reliable, customer-centric brand.



Forhims‘ engaging ad copy, targets men concerned about hair loss.

The ‘buzzing thought’ is hair loss, emphasized by “66% of guys lose their hair by age 35!” The casual, conversational tone, exemplified in “That’s a fact, Jack!” makes the message relatable.

“Baldness can be optional with our FDA-approved products…” offers a solution and sparks curiosity about the brand’s offerings. By mentioning finasteride, a known active ingredient, the brand builds credibility. This ad copy effectively resonates with the target audience, focusing on their concerns and presenting a viable solution.


Creating a compelling ad copy that resonates with your audience and drives conversions can be challenging, but it’s undeniably crucial for your campaigns. Let’s distill the insights from our analysis of successful ad copies:


1️⃣ Echoing audience’s language: Utilize the language of your target audience to make your ads authentic, relatable, and less salesy.


2️⃣ Concise and compelling offer: Ensure your product or service offering is clear, compelling, and distinct. Simplicity and uniqueness drive conversions.


3️⃣ ‘Buzzing thought’ addressing: Identify and address the central ‘buzzing thought’ or primary concern of your target audience. Offering a solution to this can create a connection and pique interest.


4️⃣ Sparking curiosity: Use creative phrasing to spark curiosity, inviting the audience to learn more about your offerings.


5️⃣ Balancing complexity: Striking a balance between complexity and simplicity in your language is vital. Too generic might be dull, too complex could alienate your audience.



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