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What do we bring to the table?
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An advanced cross channel approach to growing your brand through rapid experimentation and Agile Marketing
More Subscribers, More Conversions, and More Revenue from each customer. All of it Done for you.
More than $500K managed monthly, and hundreds of active campaigns. We are the team that turns your meta ad budget into new clients and profit.
PPC & GOOGLE ADS Management
Pay Per Click is a serious thing. We are the team who puts no guesswork, and aims straight to get to the result.
What do we bring to the table?

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What’s the typical contract length?

We are very flexible and we don’t like to make our partners feel like we have strings attached. That’s why we normally don’t have long-term contracts, only 30-day renewals. However, if you have very big goals and budgets, we would ask for a longer engagement on your part, to make sure that we have enough room to move things forward in a productive and sustainable way. That’s how the biggest goals are reached.

Why use a Paid Ads Agency rather than do it yourself?

Using Platforms such as Facebook Ads Manager, Google Ads and Klavyio can be very tricky. These tools rely on AI to provide great results, but they are also very complex with many settings, target audience options, advertising strategies, technical capabilities, and integrations. The best way to set things up can heavily change over time, depending on your business goals. Although Facebook, Google, and Klavyio are very powerful tools, they can also become very costly when used incorrectly. Learning the different capabilities can take a long time and significant advertising costs, particularly if you pay for attractive ad design. When you hire a Paid Ads agency, you hire a team of expert marketers who already use best practices to realize the power of these platforms fast! When you hire a digital marketing agency with the right team, you benefit from the experiences gained from all of their customers.

Is your fee based on my individual spend each month?

Every client has different needs and goals, so we base our fees on their individual situation. Most of the time, we aim to charge a flat fee that is meant to not be heavy on your pockets, without any hidden cost. Other times, a performance-based agreement can work as well.

Will I know how my ads are doing? How often will you send us updates?

Our reporting dashboards and processes are meant to keep updated with the very important things, while at the same time giving you the opportunity to inspect every single ad, metric and activity in real-time. We want you to feel confident and comfortable knowing that we’re handling your accounts. But we also don’t mind you looking over our shoulder occasionally. We send over weekly check-ins on Slack to make sure that you know what the main things we are working on are, and at the same time, we give you access to your customized dashboard in our CRM, where you can see all your data constantly updated.