Luxe Case Study

Who Luxe Brand Is:

Luxe Cosmetics is a German cosmetic brand that offers high-quality cosmetics for eyelashes and eyebrows. All of their products are vegan and cruelty-free and have won prestigious awards. They aim to become the most customer-friendly brand and welcome feedback from their customers so they can aim to do even better!


Hamid and Raphael are very ambitious co-founders with extensive knowledge of e-Commerce and paid marketing. They came to us looking for an agency that can keep up with their pace and scale their brand profitably while they continue to develop, test, and improve the products. So they came to us!

They began with just one product, Luxe Wimpernlifting Set, and our challenge was to make sure customers return regularly. In addition, we want to keep on acquiring new customers while they develop more products. With their profit margins, maintaining the ROAS of 1.5 was essential.

For a relatively young brand, the challenge for us was to find winning audiences and substantial creative testing with different angles to acquire even more new customers at scale. We always start with analyzing the data, mainly Cost Per Click (CPC), Conversion Rate (CR), and Average Order Value (AOV).

How We Turned It Around

We started by implementing our essential full-funnel structure on Facebook and cutting off unprofitable segments.

We set up creative testing on cold audiences for prospecting and prepared tailored copies and creatives for different angles based on the problem-solution framework. We tested different audiences, found winners, and increased the ad spend on winning audiences and team members. Our team produced multiple creatives every week for structured testing in languages such as German, Dutch and Swedish.

Every week our strategist and creative director analyzed the best performing angles and prepared variations for winning angles with different hooks.

We validated the other products while keeping the ROAS positive, and now they have grown to Sweden, and the Netherlands, and are planning to expand in UK and USA as well.

Shortly, we manage to scale up the ad spend and acquisitions by keeping the ROAS and CV rate stable.

This allowed us to reach peaks of 15K EUR/ Day of revenue.


Paid Traffic With SCALING DAVIDS


Total Revenue

1 %

Average CV Rate

1 X

Average MER

Countries: Netherlands, Germany, Sweden

We’re proud of what we did for Luxe, and we’d be happy to work with you. Contact us today to get started!

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