Gaby's Bags Case Study


From 7% to 31% Email Revenue in 3 Months.

Email Marketing

Gaby’s Bags is a fast-growing business selling original designer bags based in Florida, USA.

Back in July 2022 we engaged to work on their Email Marketing channel.

Our main goal would have been to make the business less reliant on paid advertising to generate revenue, and increase the returning customer rate and revenue from repeated buyers.

The Goal

  • Unlock the potential of Email and SMS marketing for the brand by growing email revenue by 25% minimum
  • Increase the CLTV (Lifetime Value);
  • Keep the overall MRR stable while reducing the ad spend on PPC channels.

The Process

In order to make the brand stand out, we immediately focused our effort into restyling the email’s UX.

A high-ticket brand can’t have a cheap email look and feel, therefore our design team started to re-work all the layouts, imagery, and CTA structure. The main principles we followed were:

We chose a standing Hero Image to catch people’s attention and engage the scrolling while keeping the header and footers clean.

We focused on setting only ONE CTA throughout the whole email.

The design is meant to be optimized to maximize deliverability while having a stunning look.

The copy was meant to be catchy, straight to the point and persuasive while at the same time following the brand’s Tone of Voice.


Before SD:

  • Only a handful flows were active on the account.
  • Poor and simple email design
  • No A/B testing and segmentation.
  • No SMS marketing activities.
  • No Campaigns were sent regularly


Flow revenue: $3,067 (7%)
Campaign revenue: $0 (0%)

After SD:

  • All the core flows active: Post Purchase, Abandoned Cart, Welcome, Browse Abandonment, Thank you, Winback.
  • Email flows enhanced with 3-5 emails each, optimized for placement rates.
  • SMS and Email Campaigns are calendarized and sent out regularly.
  • Advanced Email Design implemented across all flows and campaigns.
  • Overall profitability increased due to the lower dependency on PPC spending.


Flow revenue: $9,916 (31%)
Campaign revenue: $3,186 (8%)

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