A selection of high-converting direct response videos

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Creative Process

Analyze Client’s
Brand & Audience

Understand the client’s brand identity, values, and target audience to tailor ad creatives effectively.

Research Competitors & Industry Trends

Investigate competitors’ strategies and identify industry trends to discover creative opportunities.

Design Ad
Creative Concepts

Brainstorm multiple ad concepts, focusing on unique visual and copy elements that resonate with the target audience.

Test and Optimize
Ad Design

Implement A/B testing to compare ad variations, analyze performance metrics, and optimize for the best results.

 Measure Ads

Monitor creative performance and
data-driven insights for continuous improvement.

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Who are the actors that you have available and how do you pick them?

We have actors who are native speakers of English (UK and US), Italian, French, and Spanish. We can also source actors for other languages upon request. All our actors are semi-professional or professional and are trained specifically for advertising purposes.

Do you have a studio to shoot?

Yes, we have fully equipped locations in Milan and Lisbon where we can shoot professional content. Our sets are adaptable and can be changed based on your specific requirements. Most indoor setups can be accommodated. Feel free to contact us for more specific feedback about your request.

How can I make sure that your content reflects our company's tone of voice?

We begin with an extensive onboarding process to understand your company, product, promotional offers, and your ideal client avatar. This information is crucial for us to create scripts that are persuasive and resonate with the emotions you aim to invoke in your target audience.

How do you make sure that the content is persuasive?

Our expertise in direct response advertising has helped us develop a specific formula that addresses the needs and pain points of your ideal clients, matching them with the features of your service. We use a “hook, body, call to action” structure in our videos to combine different elements that create compelling variations meant to convert viewers into clients.

If I commission one video, what will I receive?

For each video shot, you receive not just one edited version but several variations to test across your social or advertising channels. Typically, we create 3-4 variations per video concept, each with different hooks, calls to action, and narratives, all while maintaining high production quality.

Why should I hire you instead of using user-generated content (UGC)?

While UGC can be effective, it often lacks the premium perception that sets a brand apart from its competitors. Our high-quality productions and vetted actors provide a significant competitive advantage. We also produce UGC, but we maintain a high standard of quality to ensure that your content stands out.