Strategies Worth Stealing
In the dynamic world of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) business, setting the right price can be akin to hitting a moving target. Yet, the price tag you slap on your product can communicate more than just cost; it speaks of the product’s perceived value, quality, and brand positioning. Let’s learn how to do it in this article!
It’s a frequently cited misconception that you need a high-priced product to crush it in the eCommerce world. Truth be told, success isn’t just about the price tag; it’s about the strategy. Low-ticket products can indeed be lucrative, as demonstrated in our own journey where we boosted a brand from ground zero to a whopping $1M. In this article we’ll see a look at the core principles that led to this success!
We all know that when investing important budgets into platforms like Meta Ads, lots of things can go in the wrong way. Platform bugs and human error are always around the corner, but what practically can be done when an (unfortunate) event such as a mistake in setting up a campaign/budget happens? Knowing when and how to request a refund can be a game-changer for your advertising strategy. In this article we’ll dive into six situations where you can rightfully request a refund for your ad spend!
Pricing is oftentimes one of the most underrated, yet crucial, features of any great product page. How do you ensure that your price not only reflects the value of your product but also appeals to the consumer’s psyche? Inspired by insights from Nick Kolenda’s “The Psychology of Pricing,” let’s learn three transformative tactics in this article!
Ever wondered who’s leading the ad race: TikTok or Meta? While Meta has a data-rich legacy, TikTok’s rapid growth is shaking things up! Dive into the key differences that set these giants apart in this article!
With the rise of AI and machine learning, media buying – an essential pillar of performance marketing – is undergoing a significant transformation. But… What does this mean for media buyers, advertisers, and businesses all over the globe? In this article you’ll get a deeper understanding of the new face of media buying, grasp the importance of being a T-shaped media buyer and some actionable tips to excel in this AI-driven era. Ready for the future? It’s just a click away.