From small boutique to international business.

TOVA was born in 2000 when Michelle Luterman Alfonso started designing and creating unique fashion jewellery as a creative outlet during her years at university. That creative outlet soon became an obsession, as well as an internationally accessible brand. 

As a family-run business, they never forget the values learned through growing from a small local boutique. They pride themselves on keeping their production in North America and treating customers like family. Michelle truly values the opinions, suggestions, and feelings of her customers and strives to improve the products, customer service, and experience every day.

The challenge for growth

Michelle came to us for help with her paid media on October 2020. Sales were going fine, and the brand was profitable, but they were struggling to push sales beyond $12-15K/mo, and they needed help to bring the brand to the next level. 

Restructuring facebook, klaviyo and creatives

After a quick onboarding, we made a full audit of the marketing properties and started to completely restructure her email marketing automation, as well as her creative assets.

Retention Marketing (Klaviyo).
The store had already a good returning customer rate (33%), but this was mostly generated by expensive FB remarketing campaigns, which had high CPMs and didn’t guarantee a good return on investment.
In order to prepare the account for BFCM and Christmas, we set up all the templated for newsletters as well as the automated flows:

  • Abandoned Cart Flow
  • Welcome Flow
  • Post Purchase Flow
  • Browse Abandoned Flow 

Creative approach.

Our creative director took over the repository of raw photos that the client had from the most recent photoshopping and started crafting concepts for ads that could drive the best response on social media.

The creative team worked on the image’s post-production, copywriting, and graphic design, and in the end, here you can see were some of the ads that came out. 

The facebook ads strategy

The campaign structure was off-track and confused, with a very inappropriate budget allocation (30% on Cold Traffic, 70% on Retargeting). Also, we identified some major issues: 

  • Ad Creatives didn’t use any Placement Optimization, which caused quality scores and CPM to be worst than they could.
  • Audience testing was not executed properly, as they were relying only on Lookalikes of high-funnel events (such as View Content) and didn’t use any broad targeting / interests.
  • Retargeting segmentation was not existing, which caused audiences of potentially higher value to be targeted by the same ads of cold audiences. This is clearly not ideal.
$ 0
0 %
Conversion Rate
$ 0
We put in place our campaign structure for eCommerce testing, and as soon as we started seeing the first positive results, we doubled down on the variants that were working well, and stopped all the others.
With Scaling Davids, we doubled the size of our business, which is an astonishing result we would have never dreamed of. Excellent!
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