Stardust Crew

A cosmic shift: Stardust Crew’s 609% conversion rate improvement

Case study: Converting traffic into sales

The challenge

Despite their strong organic brand presence, Australian Fashion Brand Stardust Crew (a sister brand of Rob&Lulu) found themselves navigating the vast cosmos of paid acquisitions without reaching their desired destination.

Their efforts, while well-intentioned, weren’t yielding the results they sought. A few key issues were obstructing their path to success:

  • Their conversion tracking setup wasn’t fully optimized, making it difficult to accurately gauge the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.
  • They lacked a robust retargeting audience, a critical component in recapturing potential customers who showed initial interest.

Google, a major platform for digital marketing, was an unexplored territory for them.

The game plan

Recognizing these hurdles, we charted a course that would address each of these issues directly:

  • Conversion Tracking Setup: We started by setting up a precise conversion tracking system on Google. This allowed us to accurately measure the effectiveness of our ad spend and identify areas for improvement.
  • Full-Funnel Conversion Campaigns on Meta: We structured and launched comprehensive conversion campaigns on Meta, ensuring we targeted potential customers at every stage of their buying journey.
  • Retargeting Segments: To keep Stardust Crew’s vibrant brand front and center for interested customers, we created and optimized retargeting segments.

Launching on Google:
We made the leap to Google, capitalizing on its expansive reach to diversify Stardust Crew’s marketing channels.

The results

The results of our performance marketing strategy were nothing short of stellar considering we had a limited budget to spend and could only use the limited creatives they use for their organic efforts.

Before we embarked on this journey in September 2022, Stardust Crew’s ad spend on Meta was AUD 676.89, yielding a revenue of AUD 346.50 with a RoAS of 0.51. The conversion rate at this time was 0.44%.

Following the implementation of our strategies, we witnessed a cosmic transformation in performance metrics. The ad spend on Meta increased to AUD 7681.31, while the revenue shot up to AUD 13,300, representing an impressive 72% increase in RoAS.

Notably, the conversion rate skyrocketed from 0.44% to a phenomenal 3.12%, a 609% increase.


This case study underscores the power of a well-planned, data-driven approach in performance marketing.
The significant boost in conversion rates and RoAS for Stardust Crew demonstrates the importance of accurate conversion tracking, strategic retargeting, and the exploration of new marketing channels. 

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