Improving the overall ROAS to 4,06x (versus 1,9 of the previous month)

Slurp labs is unlike any skincare brand you have heard of. By leveraging science and extensive research, it has evolved four innovative formulas to solve four distinct skin problems located here: Formulas 

Their story and our impact can be found at Slurplaboratories. Check it out!


Slurp’s founder, William, came to us looking for a reliable an trustworthy partner for the long term growth of his brand. 

The store was already doing multiple 7 figures when we jumped on the account for the first time, but profitability tended to be very unstable in the recent months.

Our first goal would have been to analyze the overall customer journey, and make the most budget-effective decisions on the ad account in order to maintain the volumes and optimizing the blended ROAS.

During our ad account analysis, identified several points to improve that were causing an excessive budget dispersion and waste.

  • On Google Ads they were spending too much budget in unprofitable keywords and segments

  • The Display and Youtube campaigns were not optimized towards the audiences that were driving good ROAS

  • Cross-checking the data between Shopify, Analytics, and the Ad Platforms we identified certain best-selling that were actually giving better blended results than other, therefore we started reframing the budget.

  • Facebook Ads were optimized just for prospecting clients, and bidding was used in a way that didn’t allow the platform to spend a good amount of budget on the best segments and countries.

  • As a general result, conversion rate was very low (0.74%) due to the poor traffic quality received.
Our solution

First step: reframing the existing campaign into a full-funnel structure with an optimal budget allocation between prospecting and retargeting. Inefficient budget allocation was one of the main problems in the existing campaigns together with a lack of proper testing structure for cold traffic.

Second step: cut the budget on losing segments segments in order to improve the blended ROAS.

Budget efficiency is extremely important and we simply realized that the first step o build a scalable structure would have been to make sure that the ad spend was at least 3x more effective

We started by cutting all money-wasting campaigns and then continue on to implement our testing framework for COLD traffic on Facebook and our “Essential” structure on Google.

Slurp was onto a good start, but we know they can be better, and we worked to make sure they accomplished just that.

The brand spent over $50K to generate around $95K in revenue during the month of January, and this approach would have not been sustainable for long.


During our fist month, we managed to:

  • Cut the budget to less than a half ($21K instead of $50) eliminating all the unprofitable campaigns and focusing on the best framework.
  • Maintaining a very similar revenue volume ($85,3K)
  • Improving the overall ROAS to 4,06x (versus 1,9 of the previous month) giving a substantial boost to the company’s cashflow. 
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