Robb & Lulu

Converting traffic to sales – scaling Australian clothing brand to 6-figures

From 0 to 6 figure in 1 year through paid acquisitions

Rob and Lulu is an Australian-based organic clothing brand that had been in business for several years. They had a strong SEO and social media presence, that never managed to sell profitably through Meta and Google Ads They came to us with the challenge of making their paid acquisitions


We started by auditing their ad accounts. We quickly realized that they were running only traffic campaigns and were burning money. This caused two problems, they never got any sales and their pixel data was infected with low-converting audiences.

We restructured their ad accounts with our standard audience and creative testing framework. We launched creative testing conversion campaigns alongside retargeting campaigns targeting the users who had engaged with the brand. We also launched a brand protection campaign on Google.


We started off slow as seasonality hit hard in the first 3 months. However, in these months we found winning creatives and winning audiences. Once the pixel gathered enough data of likely buyers, the sales started picking up and in the summer season, we hit the home run.  

In the last quarter of 2022, we generated $18,874 in tracked revenue with the spend of $9,119.73 on Meta with tracked RoAS of 2.06 by utilizing winning audiences and retargeting segments with seasonal promo.

The overall marketing efficiency ratio of 2.84.

At this point, we realized a potential tracking issue and we fixed it by implementing automated offline conversions to have a better picture and give the algorithm better data to find more suited audience. We also added broad keywords and launched Pmax on Google.

The result was 6-figure revenue in our first year working together.

Key Takeaways 

→ Keep an eye on seasonality and conserve budget while finding converting traffic that can later be converted to customers with effective retargeting and promos.

→ Track your tracking setup, after iOS 14 update it’s essential to implement conversion API and automating offline conversions give you a better picture resulting to effective scaling.

→ MER: Shifting focus to MER, which includes sales from returning customers and LTV, can lead to more effective scaling strategies.


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