Increase volumes and marketing efficiency ratio by 6X.

We collaborated with a team of mental health specialists based out of Austin, Texas that provides access to ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.

Their mission is to empower people to regain their happiness through ketamine-assisted therapy that is delivered in an equitable way.

Our goal would have been to drop the Cost per Lead of their Meta ADV from $30 to less than $10, in order to make the growth sustainable.

The initial situation

We got in touch with Rob, the Co-Founder, back in May 2022. 

At the time, the business was just starting out, and they were opening up their sales channels throughout different states in the US.

This psychedelic therapy institute is working on a Direct-To-Consumer model but leverages a simple lead generation funnel to drive all the new customer acquisition.

The strategy

When we started, we immediately understood that the media buying plan should have been completely restructured in order to achieve our goal. 

In particular, we set up two hypotheses for our initial sprint tests: 

  • The very peculiar nature of the product made it more “culturally accepted” in certain US states rather than others (ex. Texas, Nevada). This was clear from the breakdown of the average CPAs across regions, which showed a clear difference between the states.

  • The creative content was generic, and it was not clear what the winning angle would have been. We started testing different angles and visuals in order to understand what message would have been more appealing to a prospective buyer.

After benchmarking all the creative test results, we identified the angles that were triggering the better CPA across all the US states. 

Eventually, communicating the positive outcomes and good vibes brought by the therapy was much more effective than focusing on the pains and negative emotions that can be triggering this need.

The average CPL went from $32 (when we started) to $11,8 (Last 30 Days)


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