Petit Seal

Petit Seal’s 711% revenue surge in two months

Case study: Scaling a toy brand from 0 to 6-figures


Petit Seal, a young brand in the children’s product industry, had an ambitious vision of launching their new product line across multiple countries. However, being the new kid on the block, they faced numerous challenges on their path to global growth:

  • A suspension from Google Ads, preventing them from utilizing a vital advertising platform.

  • An undefined creative testing framework, which impeded their marketing optimization efforts.

  • An unscalable campaign structure that was allocating budget to unprofitable segments.

  • The impact of these challenges was evident. In March 2023, their Meta Ad Spend of €5,481.34 generated a revenue of merely €1,858.

Understanding Petit Seal’s unique challenges, we initiated a multi-pronged approach to fortify its performance marketing strategy:

Google Ads Account Review 

Firstly, we addressed the suspension of Petit Seal’s Google Ads account. Our investigation revealed that an auto-redirect plugin, triggered by the visitor’s geo-location, had been flagged by Google’s algorithm. We weren’t able to restore the old account but managed to identify the issue, fix it on the site, and setup a product feed tailored for each country in Google Merchant Center. After implementing these steps we helped create a new account.

Conversion Tracking and Campaign Structuring

Simultaneously, we set up conversion tracking on Google and Meta, providing a crucial tool to measure the effectiveness of our campaigns. We then launched conversion campaigns on Meta, creating a full-funnel scalable structure that facilitated effective campaign management and optimization and started targeting audiences at every stage of the funnel. We reallocated the budget to high AOV products and profitable segments of the audience.

Creative Production and Testing

Recognizing the diverse linguistic landscape of Petit Seal’s target countries, we produced creatives for each stage of the funnel in the native language of each country. This approach allowed us to connect more effectively with the target audience.

Retargeting and Promotion Launch

We established retargeting segments and launched a promotional campaign for Petit Seal’s high AOV product, ‘Playsets/Playtowers’. This strategic focus on high-value products ensured efficient allocation of the advertising budget, maximizing returns.

The results

Our strategic approach yielded transformative results for Petit Seal.

In April 2023, the first month of our collaboration, Petit Seal’s Meta Ad Spend increased to €8,812.24, and the tracked revenue rose to €10,348.77. This represented a 457% increase in revenue compared to the previous month.

In May 2023, Petit Seal’s Meta Ad Spend escalated to €23,949.64, with tracked revenue reaching €47,802.02, marking a 362% increase from the previous month. We also initiated advertising on Google, generating a revenue of €11,100 with an ad spend of €2,840, resulting in a tracked RoAS on Google of 3.91.

Petit Seal’s overall revenue for May 2023 was recorded at €133,843.23, a remarkable 711% increase compared to the previous month. The overall marketing efficiency ratio (MER) achieved was 4.99. We prioritize MER over RoAS as our north star metric due to the unreliability of Meta’s attribution.


Shopify Results

Our collaboration with Petit Seal exemplifies our belief at Scaling Davids: It’s not about diminishing previous efforts; it’s about understanding unique challenges and crafting custom solutions that drive growth and success. 

We are confident in our ability to deliver such growth, empowering young brands like Petit Seal to realize their ambitious vision.

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