Scaling by 4X and reducing CPL by 10X for SaaS product

In March 2022, Ryan came to us asking for help with promoting their fast-growing SaaS business. 

Noterro is an online clinic management tool for Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, and other health care providers.

After performing the first audit, we realized that despite the fact that the co-founders have made a great job of developing a great application as well as promoting the brand organically, there was substantial room for improvement regarding the paid advertising and creative production for performance marketing.

Moving the first steps

As a first step, we developed a full auditor outlining all the main elements that needed to be substantially improved in order to drive conversions up. 

The main goal was to drive free trials of new users. They already had solid benchmarks regarding the cost for activation of a new user who started a free trial, therefore the scope of the work would be to increment the volumes and get to a CPL of less than $40.

So far, they have been collecting new acquisitions in an organic way, but the cost for the lead on the ad account was very very high (around $200).

Performance focused solutions

These were the main actions that we took over the next few months

Step 1: Creative Development

Noterro’s team already had some good creative production in place, but they were definitely not suitable for performance marketing. 

The formats were not correct, as well as they didn’t have much differentiation in terms of hooks and messaging to the related targeting audience.

Our creative team jumped in order to develop some cutting-edge and more specific creatives that we started testing through a multiple-ad rotation.

Step 2: Campaign Restructuring.

After performing a few tests, we realized that in order to optimize their campaigns for free trials volumes, we should have focused mostly on broader and interest-targeting audiences.

There have been several re-marketing attempts in the past, but all of them didn’t drive many results as the audiences were pretty narrow and costs were always very high.

Therefore, we decided to implement this framework: we would’ve targeted cold users without excluding their existing website visitors in order to let Facebook play its magic and associate our creatives with the best target user.

We performed several tests of target audiences, and we focused a lot on creative reiterations.

As you can see from the screenshots, we heavily tested a lot of different creatives in order to find the ones that really would move the needle in a significant way in terms of CPL. 

After a few months of testing and benchmarking, we made our way through substantial growth between June and July. We managed to reduce the average cost per free trial by over 50% and eventually, we made it to a CPL of $17 (the best they ever got.)

Then, thanks to the follow-up email sequences as well as our marketing campaigns being focused on user activations, we figured out that this cost per lead reduction happened without compromising the quality of the users, as the activation read stayed substantially stable.


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