Performance-enhancing mattress brand hyper-growth
(6x ROAS and 35% email revenue)

In April 2022, we started working with the new American-awarded brand focused on performance mattresses for athletes and people who are very active in their everyday lives. 

Despite the scope of the work being very similar to the one outlined in these other case studies, this brand has been way more challenging as it was pretty new to the game. In addition, they didn’t have a lot of brand awareness at the time when we started working on it.

The first audit

We took over the cross-channel strategy and management of the brand, which consisted mainly of paid social and email marketing activities. 

We did a full audit of the main marketing properties, and these were the main learnings we took from it:

In their Facebook ads, there was excessive use of single-creative ad sets and a lack of remarketing segmentations. These two elements combined were causing the first impression ratio to be too low, and CPA to be generally quite high (above the break-even).

Moreover, the ad creatives were not incisive enough, and the production was not leveraging the user-generated content that was consistently produced by the influencers.

In their Klavyio account, there were a couple of key flows missing such as:

  • The welcome flow, crucial to collect new-users emails and to build a solid email list to leverage in the future.
  • The sunset flow, very important to clean up the email list from inactive leads and improve email deliverability

    Also, we noticed that the designs of the emails were very simple and quite poor, therefore we knew we needed to refresh the style and look of the emails in order to make them more appealing and enhance the brand’s authority.

We proceed with the implementation of the solutions right away. On Facebook, we implemented our full final framework, and we kickstarted a huge UGC production with our creative team.

Next, we managed to test more than four new videos each week as the goal was to rapid fire test several different angles and hooks using the existing influencer content that the brand was producing by international athletes and sportsmen.

On the email marketing side, we immediately restructured the flow of the emails as well as we started implementing a drip campaign calendar, which would hit the most volume and valuable customer segments with relevant communications such as newsletters, promos, and brand updates.

Moreover, we completely redesigned the email graphics.

The new style was much more appealing and some more than what they had in the past, which caused almost immediately an uplift in click-through rates and order placement rates in the emails.


$ 0
Monthly spend
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Klavyio 29%

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Monthly spend
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Klavyio 35%

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