The brand

Janji is a socially conscious running clothing company dedicated to fighting the global water crisis. Based in Boston, Janji sells apparel with designs representing Haiti, Rwanda, Peru, Tanzania, the U.S., and Kenya, the countries in which Janji has ongoing efforts.

Part of the profit from each sale goes toward charities based in that country.

“Janji” means “promise” in Malay, and refers to Janji’s promise to “run for another,” the company’s slogan.

The day Cameret (the marketing manager) came to us and told us about the brand’s history, we immediately got excited about the idea to start a partnership with this incredible company!

Janji started the collaboration with Scaling Davids in January 2021. When Cameret came to us, she was aware of the fact that this would have been a challenging Q1 because of several factors: 

  • Covid was still hitting North America pretty hard, therefore not many people were shopping for outdoor apparel compared with the previous year.
  • Q1 is generally a calm period for Direct To Consumer brands in this niche.
  • Janji’s peak season is usually around May-June when the Summer Collection comes out, therefore they needed some help to keep performance up during the low season.

As soon as we performed an audit of their paid media properties, we noticed that there were definitely many chances of improvement.


The products were great, and the brand is strong, but there was a lack of optimization and daily maintenance on the ad accounts that made performance not stable, as well it made the company leave some money on the table. 

In particular, we noticed that:

  • Creatives were developed in a very professional way, but they were not using them properly in all placements. In particular, they were heavily relying on IG story placement, ignoring feeds, audience networks, and banners.
  • The remarketing structure needed to be completely restructured, as they were not doing any segmentation. The first thing they missed was a specific remarketing stage for cart and checkouts abandonment.
  • Cameret was optimizing the accounts in a good way, but not often enough. They were spending around $30K/month cumulatively amongst all marketing channels (FB, IG, Google, YT), and it was clear that at this stage they would have needed daily accurate management.

The client gave us a decent amount of budget to play with to test and learn, and we made sure to not waste even a dollar out of it. 

The first thing we made, was to implement a proper full-funnel structure, which didn’t completely overwrite what Cameret did (some campaigns were performing very profitably), but added new targeting segments and creatives that we identified quickly as the main low-hanging fruit.

Then, we performed several split testings over the first month, including:

  • Product Testing
  • Audience Testing
  • Time lag Testing for remarketing audiences (ex. Add To Cart in the past 7 Days VS in the past 30 days)
  • Creative Testing
  • Bidding and Optimization testing.

We found out that: 

  • Splitting by gender was generating the best results in terms of ROI, and these audiences were consistently scalable without having much fluctuation in terms of CPA.
  • The audience for Cart Abandoned and Checkout Initiated had a CPA of 80% lower than the average if frequency cap was kept around 8-10.
  • Automatic placements with Creative Placement customization gave a boost to our Cold traffic campaigns, reducing CPMs of an average of 20% over Q2 compared with Q1.

This framework we implemented allowed us to test, consolidate and scale more than 250 Ad sets/ads over the following months. 

In May and June, we promoted a sale for the new Summer Collection which broke any record for Janji, generating over $400K of sales in 40 days and acquiring a lot of new customers.

At the current stage, they are generating around $200K/mo in revenue (64% of it coming from new customers), and the goal is to scale to $400K/mo in November/December.

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Increase in AD SPEND
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Average MER
$ 0
150 Days Time Window

We managed to scale the ad spend from $30K/mo (February) til $58K/Mo (July), by keeping ROI and CPA stable. 

Working with the team at Scaling Davids has been a great experience! They brought in solid technical knowledge which helped our Facebook Ads grow in a steady way.
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