Health DTC eCommerce brand

When we first met Thanu, the director of this Direct to Consumer health company selling in North America, we realized immediately the potential that their business had in their hands. 

Thanu is a Doctor who decided to create a business with the intention of providing high-quality medical equipment to consumers and their healthcare partners.

At the beginning of the collaboration, Thanu worked very close with Luca, our head of service, on the acquisition strategy of their business. 

Knowing that he had a very good quality product, a good product-market fit, and enough budget and logistical power to scale quickly, Thanu needed just the right partner to guide the paid advertising strategy of their business.

In the very beginning, we decided to focus mostly on Facebook as an advertising platform, given the lower cost and better scaling potential compared with other platforms (such as Google or Snapchat).

The rapid-fire testing and quick scale

The goal was pretty clear right from the beginning: To test different products, audiences, and creatives and maximize the scaling as soon as possible.

We implemented our campaign framework with the goal of testing as many variants as possible in the shortest time. 

Focusing most of the budget on product A/B testing for cold audiences allowed us to quickly identify one winning product that consistently generated healthy profit margins.

This allowed us to scale up the ad spend very quickly, moving over a few weeks of time from $80/day to more than $7000/day while still keeping healthy ROAS and profit margins.

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Marketing Efficiency Ratio
Highly recommendWe are so happy with the level of growth that came so fast! From 3000 per month on paid ads, we’ve grown to 10000/day because the results are amazing!
THANU – Health Co
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