From $23K to $93K in MRR with Meta and Google Ads
The Growth Framework

Gaby’s Bags is a fast-growing high-ticket business selling original designer bags.

Back in the Summer of 2022, we started working together on the cross-channel marketing of their Shopify store, which back at the time included Google Ads and Email Marketing.

This is a case study on how we managed to optimize and grow their overall revenue volumes and acquisitions by leveraging PPC and Paid Social. In particular, comparing July with December, we managed to:

  • Brought the Google ADV ROAS From 2.75x to 4x.
  • Scaled the Google Monthly Budget from $2.19K to $25K
  • Reduced the Google CPA from $129 o $62
  • Launched and scaled Meta Ads to 2X budget at 4X ROAS in less than 69 days.
  • Brought the overall Monthly Revenue from $27K to over $93K.
  • Moving Email Revenue from 7% to 31% of the total.
    Have a look at this case study for a detailed breakdown of the email marketing strategy.
The Goal

The main goals for our collaboration were to:

  • Scale up acquisitions and revenue considerably, always keeping the overall ROAS above 3X.
  • Unlock the Meta Ads channel, making sure that before scaling the target Channel-ROAS of 3X+ was in place.
  • Hitting the target of 25% of revenue coming from returning customers (while scaling up acquisitions) 


Before we engaged in our collaboration, this brand has been relying for the most on Amazon to drive sales and grow. The turnover was pretty good (high 7 figures), but they needed to start acquiring customers outside of the Amazon ecosystem.They already had a basic Google Ads setup, running decently at 3x ROAS overall, but with very low volumes ($2-3K of monthly budget). 

At the same time, they had Klavyio set up with some basic retention flows, and they didn’t have any Meta advertising presence.

THE SPRINTS – Google Ads

The growth of the Google Ads channel has been caused by the concatenation of several sprint tests executed over the months of August and September mainly.

  • Implementation of PMAX campaigns and split tests of bidding strategies.
  • Testing of Search campaigns for non-branded terms, focused to maximise ROAS while gradually incraeasing budget
  • Stabilization of the budget allocation, in order for this to be optimal and never bring the overall ROAS below 3x.

We decided to launch Meta ads in November, in order to leverage the Black Friday season to maximise our chances to have a profitable launch. 

Quickly, we went ahead and tested different campaign structures with different creative approaches, including Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns, Dynamic Creatives and Static Creatives.

During the month of November, we quickly identified as a winner the structure with Static Creatives.
This allowed us to immediately double the budget while keeping the profitability, and in the meantime keeping on iterating the winning creative variations manually.


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