Fabrizia is an awesome client who got in touch with us in December 2020. A native Italian, living in New York for most of her life, where she started realizing her passion for linguistics and the English language. 

With the help of some colleagues, she developed [Code Switching], an innovative course made to teach Italian people how to develop Italian-English bilingualism.

The unique thing about this course is that it follows a method of education that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play, called Montessori.

The Initial Success, Then Inconsistency

Fabrizia and her team immediately understood the potential of online marketing for selling this course, and in late 2019 they started experimenting with paid ads. 

Once they set up a funnel using Wix and Thinkific, they started to push some budget on FB Ads, and step by step success started to climb.

Over the first 9 months of ads, they identified some benchmarks:

  • AOV: 600 EUR
  • Profit Margin (after taxes, tutor expenses, and software): 50%.

Not a bad start, especially since the people who purchased the course were giving amazing feedback.

The main challenge was that when they tried to scale up the ad budget, results startead dropping and being inconsistent.

After some months of very poor results which lasted from August to October 2020, Fabrizia got in touch with us for help.

What we found during our initial audit and setup period was a “bittersweet” situation. 

The course was evidently great, people were getting noticeable results and loved the teaching method.

On the other hand, the results from her funnel were not as great. ROAS (Return on ad spend) was positive, yet we noticed lots of room for improvement.

Such as:

  • Very few creatives were running, and there were a lot of interesting angles that were currently not being tackled. Messaging needed to be improved.
  • There was a partial lack of remarketing structure, as she was just targeting a very broad audience made by all the page engagers in the past 6 months. We saw that there was no proper segmentation happening.
  • The pixel was working, but the funnel was quite complex (6 to 8 steps before the checkout) and there was not a proper structure with Custom Conversions in place, that would have allowed them to track the button clicks or the visit of some specific pages, such as the testimonials one or FAQ.

Given the initial situation, we started working on the account and implemented the following steps:

  • We started by correcting the Facebook Pixel setup. There was need to track several buttons and pages that, at the time, weren’t being tracked at all. Therefore we created the custom conversions that were activated on the right spots.
  • We let our creative team work on a complete restyling of the already existing asset. Therefore we created a batch of videos (long videos as well as shorter clips), and lots of eye-catching images for our ads.
  • We created a completely new campaign structure, following the principles of audience segmentations. 80% of the budget was allocated on the TOFU Stage, when we pushed few, strong branding content, and 20% on MoF and BoF stages, where we mixed several ads touching different angles, with a more direct-response approach.

We started running the campaigns during the Christmas week and followed a quick-and-dirty approach that allowed us to rapidly test different assets, eliminate losing assets, and focus the budget on the best-performing ones.

0 X

(86% Growth)

After one year of work together, we can say that together with Fabrizia we managed to grow Code Switching’s Revenue and user base consistently. 

  • In 2021 gross revenue was 423,962 EUR, compared with last years’ revenue of 227,837. (86% increment).
  • Ad spend in 2021 was 39,083, compared with 2020’s spending of 25,646 (52% increment)
  • By consequence, the total Marketing Efficiency Ratio (which in this case is equal to the total ROAS from ads platforms, has been 10,8 in 2021 (versus 8,8 in 2020)
I’m very happy with the results achieved over the past year! Code-switching is a program that’s bringing a very positive impact, and all our students are very happy with it. Glad to see this growing so consistently!


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