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Cheshire Cheese company: A performance marketing makeover

Back in April, we were approached by Simon Spurrel, founder of Cheshire Cheese Company. They not only serve up an array of delightful cheese products but also curate a range of artisanal cheese gifts and hampers for all occasions​. However, despite a strong product line and significant organic traffic, they were grappling with a marketing challenge that needed a data-driven solution.
The problem

Cheshire Cheese Company was attracting substantial organic traffic to their site, a testament to their unique and popular product offerings. 

Nevertheless, their campaign structure was not correctly aligned with their business objectives. Their campaigns were optimized for leads, but the critical piece they were missing was conversion optimization. 

This misalignment led to a 0 ROI hindering their business growth and leaving potential revenue unclaimed. They spent 4887.97 GBP which resulted in 4 purchases worth 161 pounds in the last 3 months and missing out on opportunities to capitalize on gifting occasions like Mother’s Day, Black Friday, and Christmas.

The main goal of the brand is to bring the ROAS from the paid media campaign above the break-even point during the off-season, which means having 1.4x ROAS or above in the short term.

The solution

To address the company’s challenges, a comprehensive, data-driven strategy was implemented, centered on conversion optimization and implementation of our tried and tested full-funnel framework. 

First, the focus shifted to creating new copies and creatives optimized for conversions, not just for leads. This shift involved rigorous testing and analysis in identifying the most effective copy and creative combinations that resonated with the target audience and propelled them to complete a purchase.

Next, conversion campaigns were launched on Meta with a full-funnel structure, ensuring that potential customers were adequately nurtured at every stage of their buying journey. This strategy was designed to maximize conversion rates and optimize RoAS. 

Furthermore, detailed retargeting segments were created to engage users who had interacted with the brand but had yet to convert. These segments were used in conjunction with dynamic product ads that showcased products the users had shown interest in, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Finally, to get full juice out of our organic traffic and the different segments that we created we launched promo campaigns like Father’s Day and Wimbeldon’s with tailored creatives and copies and dedicated landing pages. 

The results

The results of this strategic overhaul were nothing short of impressive. The Cheshire Cheese Company saw a significant improvement in its key performance indicators, demonstrating the effectiveness of the data-driven, conversion-focused approach.

We spent £8475 in our first 3 months of collaboration and managed to get 262 tracked orders with tracked revenue of £13545.82 with RoAS of 1.60.

Black Friday and Christmas Period

CCC positions itself as a gifting brand that produces Artisanal cheeses instead of a traditional cheese company so Christmas is the occasion which they wanted to capitalize on. 

We took the challenge head-on and prepared a batch of copies and creatives focused on hampers and Christmas collection. We went creative with ad formats and tested collection ads and used DPAs to retarget the users that engaged previously with the brand in previous months.

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Blended RoAS
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Purchase Value

In terms of financial metrics, the company’s ad spend became significantly more efficient, leading to a higher RoAS. This improved efficiency allowed for more aggressive and successful scaling strategies, enabling further business growth.

In conclusion, by adopting a data-driven approach focused on conversions rather than just leads, the Cheshire Cheese Company was able to transform its performance marketing efforts, leading to higher engagement, increased conversions, and improved RoAS.

This case study illustrates the power of strategic alignment with business objectives and the value of continual optimization in performance marketing.

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