Bonny Snowdon Academy

18X ROAS for a digital product’s launch.

By implementing a cross-channel campaign structure, creating a comprehensive creative strategy, and balancing the ad budget, we were able to generate over 768 new subscribers to the academy, resulting in an immediate revenue collection of over £94,950.

This case study will provide valuable insights for digital DTC business owners looking to improve their marketing efforts and achieve similar results.

Bonny Snowdon Academy is a brand that specializes in teaching colored pencil art, based in the UK. 

In this case study, we will be showcasing how Scaling Davids helped the brand achieve significant growth in sales and membership, generating over £94,950 in sales during a launch.

The challenge

The challenge for Bonny was to continue welcoming as many people as possible into the Academy. In the previous launches, the Academy welcomed a total of 1500 members, and the goal was to increase that number with each launch. Additionally, the Academy wanted to make sure that those who joined were with them for the long haul and continued their membership month after month, year after year.

Our initial audit outlined a situation that was decent, but definitely up for improvement.

  • Meta ads were active, but the campaigns were spending budget inconsistently. At least 30% of the budget was going to unprofitable segments and goals, which led to results that were not optimal.
  • Google ads were not active at all, despite our research though Ahrefs showcased a lot of high-intent searches happening in the space.
  • Content was not leveraged properly through advertising, leaving a lot of communications angle untapped. 
The actions we took

We put in place a cross-channel campaign structure focusing on CPA-based conversion goals, using Meta Ads and Google. Before we jumped into the account, the ads were wasting a lot of budgets as the structure was very confusing. We restructured the campaign and created a clear strategy that resulted in a 40% reduction in ad spend while increasing conversions by 50%.

  • We created a comprehensive creative strategy, by leveraging short-medium video content that Bonny was already creating for her community. Within a few weeks from the start, we managed to create more than 30 pieces of unique content to be repurposed through paid ads. We also implemented retargeting ads and email campaigns that resulted in a 20% increase in sales.

  • We balanced the ad budget properly between the pre-launch phase (when we focused mostly on lead generation/awareness) and the launch phase (when the goal was to make as many sales as possible).

As a result of our efforts, the Academy was able to welcome over 1900 members across four launches and generated over £94,950 in revenue during the last launch. 

We generated through our advertising activity a total of 11,456 leads during our pre-launch phase and converted 818 of them into members. This was a 7,14% Conversion Rate!

This launch got better results than all previous ones, and the Academy continues to grow significantly with the belief in the membership and products they sell.

Bonny Snowdon Academy’s goal of welcoming more members into the Academy was achieved, and the Academy continues to grow with the belief in the membership and products they sell. Additionally, with the help of our marketing efforts, Bonny was able to share her business prowess to help artists achieve their dreams of setting up a successful art business.

It’s been the most successful launch, we now are getting a better handle on the figures and understanding what we need to keep track of and understand it. Relying on a team of experts, it’s been a really good experience and looking forward for more!
BONNY – Bonny’s Academy.
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