Rustam is an online entrepreneur living in Austria, founder of the e-commerce website 

They sell apparel, cups, and accessories for people who are passionate about outdoor activities and living in the mountains.

The goal of Rustam is to provide great products to nature lovers and build an established business based on the quality of his designs and the passion of his audience.

We got in touch in September 2021, and decided to start working together to help him to bring the business to the next level!

The initial situation that you found in his store was pretty solid.

Berglust was already generating around EUR 40,000 in revenue every month when we started our in-depth audit in late September 2021.

Despite the situation which was already profitable, Rustam had some limitations in terms of time, expertise, and understanding about how to scale the acquisitions and revenue up over the incoming Q4.

Our challenge

After analyzing the situation, we noticed that he is a store, and his paid advertising activities needed some help in the following branches:

  • His Facebook advertising activity was pretty basic, and he didn’t validate his Facebook funnel with the proper strategy and structure.

  • Google Ads were performing decently, but he missed several components and important adjustments that could have improved his bottom-line revenue sensitively. 
The work done

We jumped on the project with the goal to adjust and improve his paid advertising structure and skill up to EUR 100,000 / month in revenue during Q4 

We decided to completely restructure his Facebook advertising activities by introducing our full-funnel framework, including new creative work as well as a fatty segmented remarketing structure.

Google Ads was the channel that spent the most of the budget, as well as the main driver for growth during the past few months.

On this channel, we introduce new campaigns such as the Competitor Search, DSA, several shopping segments, and we allocated here almost 70% of the total budget.

Currently, Berglust is generating between 10 and €15,000 per day and the improvement over the past month has been incredibly great.

Here you can see the breakdowns of the main marketing channels as well as the acquisitions generated from Shopify.

I’ve never worked with someone managing my ads, and we have very successful results, from last year 10K during Nov and Dec Black Friday season, to 10k/day this season. Cannot complain!
RUSTAM – Berglust
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