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Back in October 2021, one of America’s leading mattress brands approached us to audit their Facebook marketing strategy and see if we can help turn their current situation around. So, we stepped in to help Amerisleep! 

Their brand is very well known, has 12 physical stores all across the US, and even got featured in well-known publications such as Forbes, Mashable, and Business Insider. That’s a big deal!

They’ve also won several awards for their hybrid and memory foam mattresses.

The Goal is to increase the profitability of the Facebook Advertising channel without reducing the volumes.
To achieve a stable ROAS above 3X.


When we analyzed the account, we noticed that in November 2021, (1-24) we have spent $28,122.85 split as follows:

  • $2,787.99 on prospecting/cold traffic (9,9%)
  • $25.334,23 on retargeting (90,1%)


Even if we have a lot of organic traffic that seeds our retargeting audiences, the budget allocation was too focused on retargeting. Therefore, we were not receiving events (website visitors, product page visitors, add to cart, checkouts initiated, etc…) from cold traffic.

This brought the frequency up on some profitable segments making them not scalable. We knew we had to change this!

Our solution

As a first step, we added new ads to reduce the frequency of the existing ones, and we widened retention timeframes.

Conversion Campaigns Structure

As for the campaign structure, we needed to set up a proper testing framework for cold traffic. Our framework is usually split as follows:

Phase 1: Audience Testing – We focus on finding winning audiences or audiences with potential.

Phase 2: Creative Testing – We test and iterate new creatives and copies on the best performing audiences from Phase 1.

Creative variation was one of the biggest issues of this account as the ads were not very relevant to the target audience, as well as there were not a lot compared with the high frequency of visualization of the campaigns. This easily caused ad blindness.

Phase 3: Scaling – We put together winning audiences and ads from Phase 1 and Phase 2 and scale them.

The more we focus on cold traffic, the more we can push on retargeting as users from these campaigns seed our retargeting. This way we can keep our frequency under control and have a scalable structure in place (cold traffic+retargeting).

Also, the website was already receiving a notable amount of traffic (1 Million visits/month) due to their strong SEO efforts.

To leverage the BFCM campaign, we focused mainly on retargeting users who haven’t purchased yet and reallocated the budget to 60-70% on retargeting audiences that were:

  • FB Engagers L60
  • IG Engagers L60
  • Website Visitors L90
  • View Content L90
  • Add To Cart L90
  • Initiate Checkout L90

And 20-30% on cold audiences. Soon after BFCM, we further reallocated the budget towards cold audiences and focused more heavily when we had a promo.

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