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At Scaling Davids, we pride ourselves on being a 360-degree growth studio and have our expertise in scaling businesses via an Omni-channel approach. Back in May, we took on the challenge of increasing the brand’s revenue by optimizing its email marketing. 

The Goal is to increase the impact and revenue driven by the email and SMS marketing activities to at least 20% of the total revenue

The process

We started off by setting up their automated flows and sending monthly campaigns. We optimized and put in place the following flows:

  • Welcome Flow (2 variations)
  • Post Purchase Flow
  • Abandoned Cart Flow
  • Post-purchase Flow
  • Cross-sell Flow
  • Reviews Request Flow


We found out that all of these campaigns needed to be restyled, and the design of the emails was often not very appealing or responsive.

After redesigning the flows, we moved to implement a creative framework to be applied to the email campaigns, which we would have sent out 4-8 times per month, depending on the promos and the season.

Within a few months, our numbers spoke for themselves. Memorial Day is the biggest sale of the year for most mattress brands. During the month of May 2022, our campaigns and flows generated $405,000 (4x the amount generated in November 2021) with a peak of $64,000 of revenue generated on Memorial Day.

Also, we reached all the goals in a very solid way:

Revenue From Klavyio passed from an average of 5% to 21% (and growing).
$/Recepient passed from $0,35 to $1,86.

Revenue from Klavyio passed from $108,878 to $405,500. 


Memorial Day (May) Results
Award-Winning Mattress brand from $100,000/mo to $400,000/mo With Email Marketing
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